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S.S. Schwarz Construction, Inc. logo

S.S. Schwarz Construction, Inc. “We all get so busy with our everyday commitments and schedules that once in a while we need to take a breather and give accolades to our vendors that do a great job for us. Illinois Brick at any time of the day, week or year has always been responsive to our needs and delighted to help us. Our vendors are an important part of our selling process. Your customer service and field sales representatives (whoever, picks up the email or phone) is always courteous and attentive to our needs, even at the last minute or in an 11th hour request (which never happens! huh?). On behalf of S.S. Schwarz Construction, Inc., please extend a thank you to all your Sales and Customer Service Team for their service, courtesy and promptness when we call in with request. They all do a fine job.”
- STEVEN S. SCHWARZ, JR., Partner/ Vice President, Operations


Wilson WARE Group logo

Wilson WARE Group. “From salesman to delivery to management, Illinois Brick is an excellent resource for the Landscape Contractor community. Not only are they an excellent source for stone and pavers alike but are constantly adapting to the diverse needs and requirements of the Hardscape and more so Landscape environment. We at Wilson Ware Group consider Illinois Brick a driving force to the success of our company and we look forward to continued growth together. ”
- JOHN R. WARE, Owner


Teton Masonry logo

Teton Masonry Inc. “We have been a customer of Illinois Brick for many years. Illinois Brick has always been competitive in their pricing, highly knowledgeable of their products, punctual in their delivery of materials and fair in their business practices. We could not be more impressed with their commitment to customer service. We give Illinois Brick our highest recommendation.”
- ANDY CVENGROS, Owner/operator


Oak Hill Builders & Developers, Inc. logo

Oak Hill Builders & Developers, Inc. I work for Oak Hill Builders, and Guy is our sales rep that has always been excellent to work with and takes wonderful care of my customers. I’m writing to commend you on another member of your team who went out of her way to take care of a customer we’ve been working with for several months. When Guy was out, he provided me with Sandy’s contact info, and I used her amazing product knowledge at least three times in one week. She managed to find not only what stone was at a specific address, but additional addresses for my customer to view. Sandy went out of her way to help, and it was really appreciated. She’s polite, knowledgeable and excellent at customer service!
- MARYANN SMITH, Project Manager


Keystone Masonry Inc. “I’d like to express my personal thanks to customer service representatives Christina and Nate. They have taken the time to understand our project material delivery requirements and are extremely diligent in their communications. Per request, they have responded in less than eight hours and expedited my delivery requests. They make me look pretty good!”


C.A. Bruckner & Associates, LLC. “I wanted to provide you with an update on our brick purchase. We were able to find an in stock brick that is a good match—not an easy task to find brick that matches a home that was built in 1964. We very much appreciated the time and level of service we were given in helping us make our selection”
- JOHN ORIN, Owner


Fejedelem & Sons, Inc. “Thank you so much! I really cannot express my gratitude for your help and Jerry’s! Again, I appreciate ALL of your assistance and really wish we were able to deal with you and Illinois Brick from the start of our project.”


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