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Town Hall Three Color Blend

Brand Unilock
Material Paver
Colors Earth Tones, Reds
Type Concrete Paver
Series/Collection Town Hall Collection

The substantial proportions and unique color blending of Town Hall is modelled after historic North American clay street pavers.  To ensure the random appearance, Town Hall textures were cast from a multitude of different surfaces using Reala™ Technology, and Ultima™ Concrete Technology was used to create superior durability. The timeless look of Town Hall can be installed in either traditional or permeable applications for vehicular, heavy-duty and pedestrian applications. The result is vintage, streetscape charm that stands the test of time.



Surface Texture



Unilock Elegance

Deep, rich colors and a multitude of unique Reala™ textures combine to deliver the timeless beauty of Unilock Elegance. From the timeworn look of European cobblestones, to the classic luxury of riven natural stone slabs, our Elegance collection offers styles you can’t get anywhere else, and thanks to Ultima Concrete, the look you purchase is the look that will last, with up to 4x the strength of poured in place concrete.

Reala Surface Technology

Ultra-realistic textures cast from actual natural stone, brick and cobblestones.

Ultima Concrete Technology

For heavy traffic loads, this proprietary manufacturing process creates pavers and walls with up to 4 times the strength of poured concrete.

EnduraColor Facemix Technology

EnduraColor products are manufactured in a two-step process which combines a base of coarser aggregates for a stronger foundation, with concentrated color and wear-resistant finer aggregates on top. EnduraColor products are highly resistant to fading because the top layer prevents large, lighter color aggregates from showing through.
  L W H
Standard 9.875 in. 3.875 in. 2.75 in.
25 CM 10 CM 7 CM
Laying Patterns


Pattern A Pattern B Pattern C Pattern D
Town Hall A Town Hall B Town Hall C Town Hall D
Standard 100% Standard 100% Standard 100% Standard 100%
Downloads Downloads Downloads Downloads
Pattern Sheet (.pdf) Pattern Sheet (.pdf) Pattern Sheet (.pdf) Pattern Sheet (.pdf)


ASTM C 936 Standard Specifications for Solid Concrete Interlocking  Paving Units

Unilock meets and exceeds:

C140 for Absorption and Compressive Strength > 8,000 PSI

C1645 for Freeze-thaw Durability

C418 for Abrasion Resistance

Test results available upon request

Meets the U.S. Architectural & Transportation Barrier Compliance Board Slip-Resistance Surfaces Advisory Guidelines



Rainwater Management: LEED V4:

Up to three points can be achieved for retaining rainwater onsite based on the percentile kept

85% (zero lot line projects only) – 3 points, 95% – 2 points and 98% – 3 points. (All except Healthcare – subtract one point) See LEED v4 for more specific project/site details.

Materials and Resources: LEED V4:

Building Product Disclosure and Optimization

Sourcing of Raw Materials – Sourcing of Raw Materials and Extraction • 1 point

Sourcing of Raw Materials – Leadership Extraction Practices • 1 point

Material Ingredient Reporting – Material Ingredient Reporting • 1 point

Material Ingredient Reporting – Material Ingredient Optimization • 1 point



HPD for Town Hall