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Eden Country Manor Tumbled

Brand Eden
Material Stone
Colors Grays
Style Tumbled Ashlar
Series/Collection Eden Collection

Stone Properties
Eden Country Manor Tumbled represents several different types of natural colors and textures intended to complement your design. Eden Country Manor Tumbled is a beautiful blend of 10% Seamface, 40% Rustic Royal Chateau and 50% Machine Cut Veneer.  The combination of bedface, seamface and splitface material reveals the full spectrum and palette of the material.  Blend Eden Country Manor with the cool grays of Mountain Crest or the deep blue and lavenders of Chilton for added appeal.

Approximately 38 sq.ft. per ton

Full veneer – 3 ½” to 5″ in wall depth
Thin veneer – 1 ¼”  in wall depth
(+/- ¼”)