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The Look of Wood Without the Maintenance

MAC's steel siding retains its original appearance and requires NO maintenance. Click below to explore this product line!

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Whether you are an Architect, Builder, Contractor, or Homeowner, we have the masonry products to get the job done!

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Providing architects, contractors, builders, landscapers and homeowners quality products and services for decades. That’s because professionals know that from start to finish, their projects are only as good as the materials they use to build them!


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Product Highlights: Advanced Cladding

A specialty division of Illinois Brick Company and the Southfield Family of Companies, advanced cladding is the trusted provider for wall assembly and cladding materials. Taking an individual approach to projects and breaking down the wall system layers, IBC advanced cladding now offers products for all layers within the wall system.

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From salesman to delivery to management, Illinois Brick is an excellent resource for the Landscape Contractor community. Wilson WARE Group

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